Commercial Renovations

When you choose us for your commercial renovation, you can expect us to provide:

  • A properly planned scope of work with a thorough and detailed estimate
  • Accurate installations completed in the correct sequence to avoid damage to finished work
  • Useful suggestions that could accelerate the schedule of the project
  • Solutions when unpredictable factors that may exist within the existing building are identified
  • Regular communication to keep you informed on the status and progress of your job

Commercial renovations have a broad scope of work included in the details of the project. Our connections with experienced trades and service providers enable us to produce high quality work in an accelerated timeframe. We know that your renovation or occupancy schedule is most critical.

Some of our commercial renovations services include:

Social Housing Conversions
If you are looking to convert a non-residential property into affordable rental housing units for low- to moderate-income households the team at Projects West Contracting is well suited for your project needs. We have recently completed several successful projects including the Holburn Hotel renovation (Downtown Vancouver) and assisting with the Ramada Inn (Kingsway) renovation.

Commercial Tenant Improvements
Whether you are building a new Quiznos or Cupcake Girls outlet, setting up new offices in an open building space, or renovating a restaurant or pub, we are ready to undertake the most challenging of projects, locations and deadlines.

Commercial and Industrial Improvements
As businesses evolve, the use of existing space can change to accommodate the new demands on your staff and your resources. Our bondable and reliable crews have made upgrades to commercial spaces that include adding or removing partition walls, cubicles and utility rooms; updating banking offices and secure storage spaces; and improvements to large server facilities for corporate or other clients.